Container World Partners With Meals on Wheels To End Hunger

Container World is pleased to announce a partnership with Meals on Wheels Community Services South Africa. We sponsored a 12m shipping container that will be converted into a kitchen. The kitchen container will be used to serve the community of Itukiseng, in Limpopo. 

With the help of our containerts, Meals on Wheels Community Servises South Africa will continue to work towards eradicating poverty and providing hearty meals to the community of Itukiseng.

Look through our gallery to see the huge impact that MOWSA has on the community. more…

Container World and Meals On Wheels: An Exciting New Partnership

Container World is pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with Meals on Wheels Community Services South Africa (MOWCS): a non-profit organisation that serves women, children and the elderly in the most vulnerable communities of South Africa. Container World donated a kitchen container that will enable MOWCS to do even greater work in the community of Itukiseng, Limpopo.


MOWCS SA Kitchen Container Project Launch Itukiseng, Limpopo

We provided Meals on Wheels with a 12m kitchen container, used on the site shown in the video in Itukiseng, Limpopo. We have partnered with them in this initiative and will be providing them with many more units, which we are very pleased and honoured to be a part of.


Containers as Ablutions

Although there have been improvements in sanitation in South Africa, there are still many communities -mostly informal settlements- that do not have access to adequate sanitation services; as a result, community members have to resort to using toilets fashioned out of buckets or latrines, which are not hygienic and are not welcomed by many residents of informal settlements. Oftentimes, community members are forced to walk long distances to access toilets; this puts their lives at risk as it is not safe, especially at night. more…

Colourful and Interesting Conversions

Container World never shies away from a challenge, and we enjoy assisting clients with difficult container conversion concepts, from the design phase right through to the finished product.  Some of the more interesting projects we’ve worked on in the past year: more…

Container World committed to assisting with Social Development

Container World always strives to give back as much as it receives.  As a small token of its appreciation of support from the Southern African region, Container World is committed to assisting those in need, wherever and whenever possible.  This blog aims to summarise some of the projects and donations that Container World has been involved with, in the past and recently.


Container World assists Ukulapha Primary School (Slangspruit, KZN) with MultiHouse® Library

We were excited but not sure,” is principal Thamsanqa Msomi’s diplomatic explanation of the emotions felt by Slangspruit Primary School when expat Carolyn Burns arrived out of the blue, offering help.


Container World supplies Jeffrey’s Bay Wind Farm with MultiHouse® Office units

Inauguration of Jeffrey’s Bay wind farm, which is located between Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp towns in South Africa, took place recently, making it one of Africa’s biggest wind farms.

The 138 MW wind farm was built by Globeleq, a British company, and is bigger than Ashegoda in Ethiopia, which is 120MW.


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