Refrigeration Containers

Container World offers a range of Refrigeration containers, for use either as static storage of chilled/frozen products, and units that are capable of freezing goods and manufacturing ice in large volumes.

These include, but are not limited too:

  • 6m & 12m Integral ISO Standard Reefer Containers (available for lease or purchase)
  • Ice Plants
  • Blast Freezers
  • Holding Freezers
  • Chillers
  • Combination Freezer/Chiller

Container World is the leader in the Sub-Saharan region in the supply of containerized industrial Ice Plants & Blast Freezers and has been supplying the African market with these products for over 20 years. Specifically developed for harsh operating conditions in Africa, our Ice Plants & Blast Freezers are structurally robust offering minimum maintenance requirements, easy-to-understand controls, uncomplicated installation and commissioning, and built in protection against electrical supply fluctuations. Not surprisingly, Container World’s Ice Plants & Blast Freezers have gained a reputation for quality, reliability and performance.

Although Container World offers a standard range of products, our specialized refrigeration department can customize units to provide you with an effective and productive solution that meets your exact requirements.

We provide a number of refrigeration container options. The basic refrigerated container has an internal refrigeration unit which requires an external power source to perform its function. This power source is available on cargo ships and diesel generators if the container needs to be transported overland. We also offer a cryogenic refrigerated container which freezes the contents with carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen. Water cooling systems are also available and although they are highly effective they are very expensive. Redundant refrigeration containers contain a backup refrigeration system in case the primary system fails. This form of container is best for temperature sensitive cargo.

If you are in need of refrigerated containers, contact Container World and we’ll find exactly what you need to effectively transport or store your temperature sensitive goods.

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