How to Style Your Container

storage container

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to design the interior of your shipping container home or office space, then you’re in luck. The concept is trending so strongly that the internet abounds with magnificent concepts to suit any particular taste. From hardwood floors to hot tubs and full glass panels replacing the steel walls, there is an abundance of creativity exploding onto the home container scene.

The first question to answer before considering how to style your container is what sort of overall theme you’d like to pursue. As with any traditional home, this can mean an Eastern or Asian theme, but a shipping container home is also a celebration of eco-friendliness, which gives you some unique options. The overall durability of the containers, due to their steel forged origins, also means you have separate load baring panels bonded together which can support their own individual features each.

After you’ve got that idea down, you need to consider any special features you’d like in your home. One can create independent cubes or connect them to create a larger scale feature such as a huge glass panelled hot tub/swimming pool, or an internal garden. Pinterest is a veritable smorgasbord of ideas ready for you to dive into on this topic. Take what catches your eye and combine it with other elements to create your ideal home.

There are even companies which have been started up entirely around the idea of how to style your container home, and they’ve done some ground breaking work which you can look into. Remember to carefully consider the internal size of your container home. That’s the starting point for any interior design so discover what you want most and how much space you would need to achieve it. From there it’s a simple matter to explain to a professional in the sale and maintenance of shipping containers to discuss your requirements with them and get great feedback.

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