Container World offers a wide range of strategically located cold-storage units available for lease throughout South Africa, with technical support on-call 24/7/365

Reefer Containers

Refrigerated Containers
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Superior units

Container World offers new generation reefers fitted with internal lighting, strip-curtains, and patented single lock-rod doors for easier opening.

Most of these reefers are fitted with scroll compressors, resulting in lower-power consumption (compared to conventional semi-hermetic reefers).

Specialised units are also available (T&C’s apply), capable of holding ultra-low set-points of -40°C.

Peace of Mind

We offer 24/7/365 in-house National Technical Support, with sub-contractors on-call to assist in all areas we operate. In addition, all reefers leased from Container World are serviced and maintained by our in-house reefer division to ensure optimal running capacity, giving our clients complete peace of mind that their cold-storage needs are handled with utmost care.

Modular Pre-Fabricated Flat-pack Containers