5 Storage tips to keep your container organised

self storage containers

When it comes to self-storage, there are a few challenges that you need to overcome. One of those challenges is keeping storage container organised and avoiding clutter all together. This blog will take a quick look at five storage tips for keeping your storage container neatly arranged and clutter-free!


Why keep your storage container organised?


Besides the convenience that an organised Storage container will give you, keeping your valuables neatly arranged can help prevent any unnecessary damage to your belongings caused by the weight resulting in pilling things atop one another. It can also help prevent damage resulting from poor positioning of your items.

Luckily for you, keeping your Storage container clutter-free is easy! Here’s how:


Choose a single box/crate size for all your valuables


Having the same box or crate sizes for as many of your belongings as possible will help with stacking and accessibility. Even though this may not work well for some of your belongings, it’ll help you organise everything that can go into a box or a crate.

Always keep in mind that larger boxes are good for items that aren’t necessarily heavy but may not hold up well at the bottom of large stacks. It’s also more difficult to get things out of those boxes once they’ve already been stacked.


Know which items you need frequent access to


Items that you need to access more often than others should be kept in front of all your belongings so that you won’t need to remove things from your stacks when trying to access them. Items like tools and clothing should be put ahead of everything else to save you frustration.


Don’t underestimate the power of a label


Labelling each box with unique numbers, the room/place they came from and the contents of the boxes will allow you to keep your container less cluttered. You can also place a special mark on boxes or crates that you need to access frequently. Remember, the devil is in the detail with your labels.


Create a comprehensive content/ inventory list


When you have a lot of items in a storage container, it’s hard to remember where you put everything. Large items may be easy to remember, but things that go into boxes and crates are a different story.


To keep your items organised, we recommend you create a complete spreadsheet to help keep track of all your items. Be sure to also note where in your storage container your items are located.


Consider clear containers in your container


Even though clear plastic containers are more expensive than cardboard boxes or crates, plastic bins make it much easier for you to find your items when they’re scattered throughout your Storage container.


If all these storage tips don’t work out for you, you may want to consider getting another storage container. We’ve got you covered, get in touch with us today!

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