Best Container Designs for Any Application

storage container


By far the most creative home container designs employ multiple containers with walls cut away to extend the amount of living space. Ceilings can be extended in the same way by stacking high quality containers one top of one another. Virtually any overall shape and design can be achieved. Adding a modern entryway with a veranda is a popular style while container walls can be cut away and replaced with wall to wall glass panes for that modern look and feel.

Ablution Facilities

Stacking two or three containers alongside one another can make a convenient, inexpensive and high quality ablution facility, but the versatility of the product means that there are things you can do to maximise any space limitation. Turning containers lengthwise, for example, allows you to fit more in a row.


Installing refrigeration technology such as “blast-freezers” into containers is straightforward, convenient and allows one to store temperature sensitive goods onsite while conserving space and resources. For the production of ice or the storage of a few essential items, a single container may be enough but one could even construct a small container design refrigeration facility by adding several together, having had their walls cut away and merged.


As with the home options, these are virtually limitless which means that regardless of your staff size or amount of equipment, you’ll have all the space that you need. By combining containers vertically, horizontally or both, one can create an expansive facility with multiple entry points, bathrooms or anything else required.

Container designs vary to an almost infinite degree. In a way, it’s reminiscent of Lego blocks and the manner in which your structure could take any shape. Containers allow this same freedom with a solid integrity and far lower cost than traditional structures – so let your imagination go wild.